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Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA)

An intent-based network built on Cisco DNA continuously bridges the gap between business and IT.

Features and benefits

Intent-based networking (IBN) built on Cisco DNA takes a software-delivered approach to automating and assuring services in your campus and branch networks and across your WAN. Cisco DNA can help you to streamline operations, analyze and resolve issues faster, and increase user productivity by optimizing application performance.

Automate, analyze, and optimize

Automate, analyze, and optimize

Translate business intent into network policies, and use automation and AI/ML analytics to help achieve business outcomes.

Deliver the multicloud world

Deliver the multicloud world

Provide consistent and secure application delivery in today’s highly distributed hybrid and multicloud environment to optimize the user experience.

Detect, contain, and mitigate threats

Detect, contain, and mitigate threats

Get complete visibility into user activity, devices, things, and traffic to enforce zero-trust security.

Centralize design and management

Centralize design and management

Take control of your network and orchestrate functions with network controllers.

Products that help you unlock the full value of Cisco DNA

Network Management

Network management

Use a single dashboard to automate processes and optimize performance with analytics.

Cisco Switch


Build a network with switches that constantly learn, adapt, and protect.

Cisco wireless ap unit


Provide an immersive experience with secure, fast, and reliable products.

Cisco Router


Simplify your WAN architecture and make it easier to deploy, manage, and operate.

Screen capture of software

Network security

Get secure connectivity with centralized management that keeps costs low.